Dream Bathtubs or Showers?

How to choose the right luxury addition for your dream bathroom.

black free standing tubYou’ve decided on a bathroom renovation and aren’t sure where to focus your efforts, on the bathtub or the shower. Which one will add the most value to your home? Which will get the most use? What will make the best statement in your remodel? Well, let’s look at your options.
Most people in today’s world have one thing in common, they’re busy! Busy with their jobs, kids, pets, school, finances, friends, activities… it never seems to end, right? But for whatever reason, you’ve decided to give your bathroom a dream makeover and are trying to decide between a new bathtub installation or shower install. But which one?
Well, by the nature of our busy lives I have to point out that most of us never take a bath. Balneotherapy (bath therapy) is a luxury most of us will rarely have time for. But television keeps using that image of taking “me time” in a nice soaking tub, filled with bubble and rose petals, so it’s on your mind. YES, it will look simply incredible. Especially if you move your old tub away out of the box along the wall and go with a stand along soaking tub in the middle of the room.
If you’re looking to make a statement, a free standing tub will do it. Especially if you go with an exotic style, like copper, or an antique tub with ornate feet (there are so many beautiful options).
But do you want to use it instead of just make an impression? Do you plan on using it often? If so, then perhaps a deluxe jetted spa bathtub would be more to your liking. It may not look as nice on it’s own, but there’s something about a dozen jets working the kinks out of your tired body that make it very appealing. Soaking is great, but spa jets do a body good, lol.
So if your priority is usage, consider the jetted bathtub. Just make sure to leave access to the motors underneath, or you could be in for a surprise should anything ever go wrong.
Let’s say you’re a realist and know from history that you or your spouse will never take time for a shower. However, you’d like a dreamlike spa experience AND you want it to look incredible (adding value to your home should you decide to sell)… but you know a tub wouldn’t get any use. Can this be done with a deluxe spa shower? Yes!
If you’ve got the room or can have a professional contractor help you with your plans and make room, then your spa shower can be the centerpiece of your bath.
Imagine double heads, one for each of you (if that doesn’t say ‘romance’ I don’t know what does). Now let’s turn it up a bit and add half a dozen wall jets… for each of you. Now you’ve got that water massage sensation. Want to keep adding? A rainforest shower head in the middle of the ceiling added to your new area will finalize the visual experience. Add in a custom floor (maybe river rock? For some reflexology) and you’ll have equaled the stand alone tub, plus get use out of it. Ready to take it overboard (yes, there’s more). Then add steam to your shower. Not really visible, but hugely indulgent and a great selling point.
And we haven’t even gotten into what you can do with color, tile and lighting. You should get the idea though.
What’s the next step? Pick up the phone and call us. We’d love to hear what you are considering adding to your dream makeover.


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