About Remodeluxe

What is the Remodeluxe builders association?

Simply put, it's a higher standard for home, kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors and companies.

residentail constructionOur quest was a simple one, and that was to solve a problem we observed more and more often, almost a trend emerging. And that trend was poor and shoddy workmanship. With home values going up and up, it appears to have drawn more amateurs and those who simple seem to not care about their trade into the profession. We found this unacceptable, and decided to do something about it.

To that end, and to bring pride back into our chosen profession, we decided to create a deluxe remodeling association, designed on best practices, skills and service to the customer. Something that would highlight the serious professional and be of value to those wanting high-end craftsmanship in their home. Hence, the Remodeluxe Builders Association was born.


Our mission is three-fold:

1. Let's get back to focusing on the customer experience.

We believe the customer is always right and we are there to serve them.
If you are a company that feels your customers are a pain, or high maintenance or have even been at odds with them then you have a problem. That problem is you. Your customers should never be taken for granted. We strive to go above and beyond in not only professional contact from the first call, but in service, pricing, quality and even going above and beyond expectations with helping design, brainstorm ideas and clear communications.

2. Our skill as a craftsman.

We create. We build dreams, we change lives, we build. We "get 'er done". Who else can say that? Who else can take a lifelong dream, in a person's largest and most important investment of their lives, and make it a reality? This honor is not only a great privilege but a responsibility to the craft itself, to not only meet, but exceed expectations of our clients, our craft and ourselves.

3. Best Practices

Running a business is an extremely tough job that often takes us out of our comfort zone and skill set. All the hats one has to wear as a small business owner can be overwhelming, to say the least. So we are here to help, assist and do as much of the lifting as possible when it comes to brand recognition and marketing/advertising. Let us ease your burden and help you along the way, leaving you to focus on your job and your client, as it should be.

If you'd like to know more or are interested in applying for membership to the Remodeluxe builders association, please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you and explain what we need to approve you as an official Remodeluxe builder.