Changes Are Coming to Dallas

Changes Are Coming to Dallas

Changes are coming to Dallas, but in what form?

new homeUnfortunately, our beloved Dallas Cowboys didn’t get as far as we hoped, so the Superbowl dreams are off, but what else is happening in our town? Well, like it or not, it seems that the economy and growth of jobs, income, and life in general is on its way up. You can see this confidence in the US by the way the market has been reacting and hitting all time highs.

What does all this mean for homeowners?

Well, what does happen when we have a renewed sense of optimism in the economy? Prices go up, sales are great, people have jobs, raises and money to spend. So you can translate that to money freely flowing. Want a pool installed? It’ll happen. Actually, people should be looking at all sorts of ways to improve their homes in a variety of areas.

The top spot could be the heart of the home, because it makes the most sense and that would be in the kitchen. And don’t expect a small kitchen makeover, but an all out remodel. New cabinets, flooring, and appliances. Heck, possibly even a whole new layout, moving walls and all. It won’t stop there though, because bathrooms will be next on the list, especially the master bathroom. Again, we expect to see people go all out improving their home so this means drastic redesigns and radical improvements.

It won’t stop with the simple kitchen or bath remodels though, it will continue into luxury additions to homes. Things in this category could be additional square footage via a new room. It may be an addition off the side or back of the home, perhaps a new garage and renovating the garage into living space. An extensive deck added onto the back yard or any number of items that will allow people to enjoy their home spaces even more thoroughly than before. Anyone who hasn’t finished their basement out with a full movie theater, bar and recreation room will probably be looking at doing so, and soon.

Once you see the drastic improvements and fresh feel that a remodeler can make in your home, you become addicted. A new project or addition every year would give you a house you wouldn’t recognize from a few years before plus a continuing excitement of having a new look and feel, or even new space, to enjoy with your family.

Those who have a large circle of friends, and like hosting cocktail parties as well as those who just happen to have a lot of kids and a larger family can especially reap the benefits of an upward economy with home remodeling. Those who are single or retired can create the dream home they always wanted. Heck, just thinking about it has me coming up with ideas of what would I do if I had a fresh canvas and could have anything I wanted in my home. How big would it be? How many bedrooms? What about a library or den? And what about entertaining, should I extend it beyond the movie room and basement bar, to an outdoor patio all ready with a sun shade and built in grill? Why stop there, landscape the whole back yard and create a waterfall, tennis courts and extra car space along with a work shed or barn. It really is up to you and what your desires are.

So tell us, what are your desires? What are the top 3 things you could change and what do you need to get there? Comment below and share your thoughts on your dream home with us.