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Looking to do a Home Remodeling Dallas project? Looking for a home or room addition in Dallas, TX? Then why not hire the best home remodeling Dallas contractor to turn your vision into reality. Whatever your vision is, whether it is updated lighting, custom kitchen cabinets, granite countertops or new hardwood flooring, we can help. From just one small change to an entire makeover, we are glad to assist you out at every step along the way. Contact our Dallas home remodeling experts today for a FREE custom quote.

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The Project Consultant will meet with you weekly to review progress, answer questions & prepare change orders.

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"I would highly recommend them to anyone"

"I received excellent service from Remodleuxe, and they were priced fairly, too. They even completed the job on time, which is rare with remodeling contractors. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering hiring them."

- Deb En

"I'm glad I took their advice"

"I hired Remodeluxe for my kitchen remodel last Summer. It turned out exactly how I wanted. They even suggested some design changes and I'm glad I took their advice. I will definitely hire them again!"

- Hosam K.

Their ideas are inspiring

"Solid, honest pro's with great service! Their ideas are inspiring and has taken our project to a new level. I love my new kitchen Design and enjoy it every single day!"

- Edward Winslow


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What You Need To Know Before Starting A Home Remodeling Project In Dallas, TX?

new kitchen remodelWhat are my options? How much will it cost? What are the newest trends? How can I best improve my home’s value in Dallas? How long will it take? We can help with the answers.
A contractor with a proven track record can take care of ALL of this for you.

Can you picture how your home will be after it’s remodeled? Can you Imagine how it will look? Do you see yourself enjoying the space? At Remodeluxe, we can turn your dreams into a reality.

First, let’s talk about QUALITY. Regardless of the cost of the materials, we take our job very seriously and always do the best possible work on your renovation. From modern design to classic touches, custom work or off the shelf, we will build it to last. This is your home and we understand that. So we decided to just always go above and beyond in delivering outstanding work on your home improvement project. Simply put, we aren’t happy if you’re not.


TIME is an important issue as well. Some of our projects are small and take just a few days. Others are huge additions and take longer. The key here is proper communication and management, which we tend to pride ourselves on. We want to deliver your new investment in a timely manner as smoothly as possible so you can begin to enjoy your new space.


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woman cooking in new kitchenCOST (or as we say, “Value”). This is where things we shine. We have a standard set of pricing, that we go over with you in full and then let you know what your options are. Most importantly, we put everything in writing so there are no surprises. As a local company, our reputation is at stake. So we believe in delivering outstanding work at a fair price. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

IDEAS. Whether you're thinking “big” or “small” there are a ton of ideas and options for you to choose from. Maybe you saw a picture of exactly what you want, or maybe you have no idea of what you can do… we are here to help you discover what’s possible. Planning, and showing you things you may not even know were an option is part of the process. Simply reach out to us and we can help you with the newest trends or time-tested ideas, because we are here to serve you.


Finally, we’re LOCAL. You’ll be working with members of our great Dallas, Texas community and we appreciate that kinship. We want you to love the work we do and are honored to be considered. This is why we get so many referrals from your neighbors. Because we take pride in our work and never take your trust in us for granted.

So whatever your project is, a beautiful deck to relax on, or a basement with bar and movie theater, or even a mother-in-law addition to your home, or simply window replacements, we can help. Even if it’s simple project, we’re happy to walk you through all the details, give you ideas and options and guide you on price for your investment in your home. All you have to do is ask.



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