How to hire a Remodeling Contractor

Want to know how to hire a Remodeling Contractor? Here are the top 3 tips to do so.

You’ve found the right place so get ready to take some notes.

1st, start off by looking for reviews, and not just 1 or 2 from a friend. Yes, I really said not to ask your friends, lol. Why? Because that will give you 1 persons experience with them. What you want is a LOT of reviews and with the internet nowadays that’s easier than ever to do.

picture of family roomSo open your phone or laptop, search on google for a contractor in your area and check out what people have to say. Look for companies that have not only the most reviews, but the most stars, or highest rating, as well. If you’ve got dozens of people all saying good things about a contractor, chances are you’ll be happy too. The record may not be perfect or spotless because you can’t please everyone, but overall you’ll see a good average.

2nd, is to pick up the phone and call them. You can tell a lot by how they answer the phone (or return your call). Are they friendly, professional and seem to know what they’re talking about? Or better yet, do they take the time to make sure you understand it as well? This is vitally important, and a call is the first step to hopefully a long-term, working relationship. If they fail here, you really don’t want to take it any further.

3rd, meet them in person to see if your gut feeling on the phone was correct. But now, be prepared to take it a step further. An in person interview is where you’ll want to ask all of the details on what it will be like working for them. So have a pen handy and take notes on their answers to  your questions.

What will they do to make sure you stay on budget?

How do the bid their jobs, a flat fee? percentage? what amount? The KEY here isn’t the cheapest price, but the most transparency into how they bill.

What’s included and what isn’t? You don’t want any surprises here.

How often will the job area be cleaned? This is important because most likely they’ll be working in your living space for weeks.

Will they help with ideas? After all, a seasoned remodeler will have seen it all and should be able to share ideas and guide you in the direction you want to go.

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