Remodeling reason #5 creating your dream home

Remodeling reason #5 creating your dream home

How to remodel your house into a dream home

We LOVE these kind of clients, because they’re not chasing their dreams, but actually having them fulfilled by us.

Ok, you’ve bought a home or you’ve been in it for a while… but you’ve decided you’re going to be here for a while.

So why wait to remodel? Many do. They wait until they’re ready to sell to fix their home up. But if you renovate early, then you get to ENJOY your perfect home the whole time!

new dream home with poolWhat should you do? Well, first look at your situation, where are you at? Do you have kids? Pets? Are you always outside and active? Or inside having friends over? Do you love movies? Would a home theater be just what you want? Or do you love to swim? What about a pool? Or even a huge deck for backyard barbecues. WHAT YOU WANT and how you live is something you want to actually write down.

NEXT, you should look at what you DON’T LIKE about your home. What would you fix if you could… because you can! And we’re not just talking about adding storage, or insulation, or a single room. But what would you do if you could start all over? All it takes is an experienced eye (call us for ideas) because we can see things with a fresh view and give you ideas you might not have even thought of. By moving a wall or two, you can redesign the entire layout, look and feel of your living space.

So once you know what you want, and what you don’t like about what you have, fixing it is an easy move. Have you watched the video on our home page? There are dozens and dozens of ideas there that can show you all that is possible.

One more thing to take into consideration if the style. Classic? Modern? Retro? Start thinking about this a bit too, because your selection of floor covering, cabinets, lighting and even colors (all the finer details) will come into play here.

As always, your next step…

Is to call us with any questions because we’re here to help.

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