Remodeling reason #4 creating more space

Want ideas on how to remodel your home to create more space?

You are in the right place!

First, I hope you’ve watched the video on our home page (click our logo to go there), but there are a TON of ideas.

After all, once you buy a home and begin to settle in, the space you have goes fast. And you can never have too much storage space, right?

Then once the kids begin to arrive, it gets even crazier. WHERE will you store everything? What about holiday decoration? Or some extra kitchen storage? Perhaps more bathroom space? And it is not all about storage…

Extra rooms, such as a kids living room, a toy room, a craft room, a shop, an extra bedroom, a man cave, library, den, half-bath or even an expanded kitchen with butler’s pantry is a great way to really enjoy what you’ve got.

Here are some ideas:

Got space above your entry door? Why not put a playroom there.

Have a stairway? You could put extra storage underneath there, or open it up for a desk area, or add a washer and dryer, or create a pet area, or reading cubbie.

Have an unfinished basement? Why not create a mother-in-law suite? Add a game room, or theater, or a guest bedroom.

Need storage? Then you could put kickboard shelves in the kitchen, or add on a closet to the hallway outside the bathroom, or create a stunning, walkin master closet, or setup shelving in the basement or garage.

Have an attic? Turn it into a giant home office, or kids bedroom / living room, or yoga studio.

All of these things can be done usually by just having an experienced home remodeling company such as ourselves show you some ideas and let you know what can easily be done with your space.

If you know your end goal, we can figure out how to make it happen. And usually without a huge renovation, but a simple makeover.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask.

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