Granite versus Quartz (vs. Concrete) Countertops

Questions on what type of countertop to choose for your kitchen?

The days of a simple butcher block or tile kitchen countertop are long over. Granite and quartz, plus even concrete, are hugely popular and great for your home. It’s even a status symbol now, a “granite kitchen countertop” is a sign you’ve made it. Then quartz came to the market. Both are spectacular, but which one to choose? Here’s your answer.

First, let’s take a look at GRANITE.
It’s 100%, all-natural, being a slab of rock that’s been cut out of the Earth. The sides are then polished and it’s then sent out for delivery. Want something naturally unique? This is it.
Granite can be porous, and will need sealed. Plan on sealing your Granite (especially if it’s a lighter color, to prevent staining) and resealing it every 3 years, max, or every year to be on the safe side.
Seams are near impossible to match up with granite due to the natural veins. Beautiful, but not seam-friendly.
Samples, especially granite, can look different. Heck, even a large area versus the small sample can have a drastic different look. Make sure to find a large piece to view in its entirety.

Now for QUARTZ:
Quartz is engineered. I.e. it’s ground up stone and mixed with resin (typically 7%). This makes it even stronger and more flexible than it’s opponent.
Sealing isn’t necessary because of the manufacturing process. If you don’t want any type of maintenance, then this would be the way to go.
Seams, especially with solid or darker colors, are fairly easy to hide.
Quartz, especially lighter colors, can discolor over time in strong uv sunlight. Make sure it’s either all in, or all out, of uv light to avoid any long-term mismatch of coloring.

Finally, a word about CONCRETE:
These counters have been growing in popularity. They “could” be cheaper, unless you get into a lot of custom shapes and inserts, plus even edging options… which is really the benefit of a fluid concrete, lol.
It will need sealed!
Seams however should not be a worry in the slightest because it can be poured right on site into your mold. If you want a uniform, seamless look, stay here.
Color. Oh, the options. With concrete you can have a huge variety of your own unique design. You can even mix-in artistic elements, with the right professional installer. I would say if you’re going to have something creative done, make sure you see their previous work. You’re getting into the realm of art here, so check out your artist and what they are consistently capable of.

So to recap, granite offers natural beauty, quartz low maintenance and concrete more customization.
No matter which way you go, we’ve found that once you’ve made your choice, you will be EXTREMELY happy with the results. Seeing our clients reactions to their new counter is always one of our favorite moments.
All of your choices are EXTREMELY heavy and will require professional installation from a licensed contractor. This is NOT a DIY job, lol. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call, we’re happy to help you choose.


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