Considering an Addition to your Home?

Here are the top 3 mistakes made with Home Renovations.

new famiy room additionClearly, a major home improvement is a big job that could add countless hours of enjoyment to your life, as well as significant value to your home. We’ll assume you’ve already decided upon what type of addition you want. An extra bedroom, a garage, another wing for a full suite, whatever you feel your family would use the most and you’ve always felt your home needed. Today, let’s look at 3 mistakes that are commonplace so you’ll be able to avoid them.

1-BUDGET. You would think everyone knows about this and is on the lookout for it, but you would be amazed how many people fall into the “money pit” trap simply because they didn’t take a few measures.

Here’s what you want to lookout for when dealing with your budget. First, make sure your contractor lays out EVERYTHING in writing. A handshake and a good feeling won’t go very far when things turn south. Detailed information will. Ask if it’s a Fixed Price contract, or a percentage markup on each line item? Know exactly how and what you’re being charged for.

Next, do they supply lien releases for their subcontractors? And another HUGE item is how do they handle changes? (BTW, if you want to arrive on budget, delete the words “while we’re at it…” from your vocabulary).

And make sure they know your “not to exceed” number. This is the worst case scenario total and that they can’t go beyond it. If your budget is flexible, assume you’ll run over by 20% and use that number.

2-INCONVEINENCE is another item people often overlook. With every minor change, a delay is created. So the project could run over if you are the kind of person who likes to “wing it” and redo things in mid-stream. You’re your schedule allow for that?

You also may have to wait on architects, permits and inspections which could add to the timeline. Hopefully, you’ll be dealing with a reputable company that knows what to expect and can meet deadlines like we enjoy doing, but life can happen.

Mainly, what are you plans once the construction is underway? Will you be staying in your home? Will the addition not interfere with your daily life? Or do you have to find a “getaway”. This is particularly important for large families or people who work at home.

3-Finally, CHOOSING the right contractor for home addition is vital, and here’s why.

Because the entire process, from ideas and plans, to permits and construction, along with your budget and timeline, are ALL under the control of the business you choose to work with. So you want to do your homework.

Make sure they’re experienced with great references and reviews. Make sure they’re transparent in how they do business. And pick up the phone and speak with them. You’ll know right off the bat what kind of business they are by how they answer your questions.

Want to know more? Call us, we’re happy to help in any way we can.


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