101 Remodeling Ideas

bathroom remodel

Here are 101 remodeling ideas for your home, kitchen or bath. Enjoy! [ultimate_gallery id=”483″] Have you got some ideas turning around in your head? Want a few more? Or do you have a question? Feel free to call us anytime because we’d love to help you out. We offer residential home, kitchen & bathroom remodeling … Read more101 Remodeling Ideas

How much to budget for a remodeling project?

Want to know how much to budget for a home remodeling project? THAT is a question we hear all the time. Here’s the quick answer… budget $100 to $200+ per square foot BUT, this depends on what you’re doing. A kitchen? Plan on more. If you’re just finishing out a basement, then less. Most rooms … Read moreHow much to budget for a remodeling project?

Where to start home remodeling?

Wondering where you should start with a home remodeling project? This is a VERY common question, and it depends on a choice: Are you looking for Value? (i.e. the most bang for your buck)? OR are you looking for Comfort? (i.e. what do you need)? Clearly, if you’re going after comfort, then where you start … Read moreWhere to start home remodeling?

Remodeling reason #1 to increase home value

fireplace in new living room

Are you looking to remodel to improve your home’s value? I recall as a young child growing up, that the rule of thumb was to remodel your home as soon as you move into it. Why? Well, first off you then have years living in a home that is designed exactly how you like it. … Read moreRemodeling reason #1 to increase home value

Modern vs. Traditional Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets

Wondering which way to go with your bathroom renovation? You’re ready to move ahead on your bathroom remodel and aren’t sure which way to go. Your home isn’t ultra modern, or traditionally classic, so leaning one way or the other on the vanity won’t matter much. Plus, they both look so amazing. So what should … Read moreModern vs. Traditional Bathroom Vanities & Cabinets