Where to start home remodeling?

Wondering where you should start with a home remodeling project?

remodeluxe where to start remodelingThis is a VERY common question, and it depends on a choice:

Are you looking for Value? (i.e. the most bang for your buck)?

OR are you looking for Comfort? (i.e. what do you need)?

Clearly, if you’re going after comfort, then where you start is totally up to you. It’s about what YOU need. Is it another bedroom? A home office? A new deck for your backyard or even an addition to your home could be what helps you enjoy your home even more. Heck, it could even be extra storage space. So the question here is “what do I wish my home had?”

NOW, if you’re going for VALUE, then you should start with the obvious, and let me give you a few ideas.

1st, is your home missing anything? Can you add a simple wall here or there and create an extra room?

Can you add a closet and turn a room into a bedroom?

Is there a large attic that gives you a lot of space to work with, or an unfinished basement?

IF you’re got all the basics covered, then the first thing I’d do would be to redo your kitchen.

Everyone knows the heart of the home is in the kitchen, so that will get you the best return, the quickest.

There are a ton of things you can do in the kitchen, from large to small, cheap to expensive, all laid out in this recent blog post.

2nd, I’d say that you should focus on the bathrooms after you’ve created your dream kitchen.

Adding a bath, half-bath, or upgrading an existing one can add some great value to your home. If you want to do it for yourself as well, start with the master bath. If it’s not a 5-piece bath, make it one. Add a jetted tub, or granite counters, some extra storage or even a rainforest shower.

So what are your thoughts?

Do you think you should go for value with a new kitchen or bath? Or should you focus on creating your dream home?

Let me know your thoughts below, and if you have any questions just give us a call.

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