Quick Kitchen Renovation Ideas

Looking for some quick, kitchen renovation ideas?

forksHere’s where you can get the “most bang for your buck” (and you could possibly even do it yourself, if you’re up for the time and trouble).

When it come to remodeling, the kitchen is where many of us begin. Why? Because that’s where we live! We are always there, 3 times a day (if not 6, lol). It’s the heart of the home. And remember, how do you keep a man happy? Fill his stomach, right? So what can we do to liven up and put a fresh look into a space that we see day in and day out?

Here are a few ideas for you that can make a big WOW, give you a totally new look, and make you feel like you’re in a whole new space, even though you haven’t done any major construction. Simply put, small effort, big change.

First, look at your appliances. If you haven’t upgraded to stainless steel appliances yet, what are you waiting for!? A new set of appliances, in S.S. will make a serious impact. Not to mention they are also a sign of “executive kitchen” or a chef’s kitchen. So if you want to climb the social ladder and make a big impact on your friends as well as give yourself a clean look, get them.

Second, is so simple you’ve probably already thought of it… paint. But be bold with your paint, don’t go from beige to cream and expect to see a big difference. Dark colors will create a smaller space, light colors will create a bigger feeling of space. Paint the walls, or you can paint the cabinets (if they’re not high-end wood), heck you can even paint the ceiling! One word of warning though, if you choose a more unique color (or two), do a test swatch on a larger area first. It’s amazing how color changes when applied to a big area, compared to how it looks on the small swatch. You can pick up mini-cans of paint to do a few square feet and get a feel of how it will look in your space, with your lighting.

Third, swap out your hardware. The knobs and handles on your cabinets and drawers are often overlooked and have a big role in the look of your space. Imagine going from big, ornate, dark brass knobs to… white plastic! Or stainless steel (to match those new appliances). That would be a big change, right? If you’re never looked at ALL the options you have for hardware, you will be shocked. There are so many, in so many different styles to choose from, that right there could take weeks just deciding. But try to keep it simple, go with the same pattern so you don’t have to redrill holes in your cabinets for new holes. Just go with the same dimensions.

So there you go, 3 ways to create a huge change and update your kitchen on the cheap.

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