How much does a home improvement contractor charge per hour?

How much does a home improvement contractor charge per hour?

We hear this all the time, lol. And to be honest, it all depends on the job.

Here are a few different types of pay scenarios that a lot of companies use.

contractors working on trim1st, there is the percentage job. This is where the contractor works off a set percentage for the entire job. So subcontractors, materials, etc. it’s all a percent added onto that for managing and overseeing the project. As an example, let’s say 15%. If you had $500 worth of materials needed for a small home renovation project, plus $500 worth of labor for the same project, the total bill to you would be not 1,000, but $1,150 from the contractor.

2nd, there’s a set hourly rate. Many general contractors won’t work this way. This is more or a “rent a handyman” for a day type of deal (where a min. of $50/hour isn’t out of the norm). However, where is their incentive to get done quickly? You have to hope that they take long enough to do a quality job, but don’t dilly-dally their time away, wasting your money.

3rd, is a per project basis. This is when you’ve got a specific job that needs done, and you sit down after choosing your contractor and figure out how they will get paid for the job. They will have their own method that they use with everyone, so don’t try to change them to something else. Find something that agrees with you and seems fair, and go with them. If it doesn’t feel right, simply move on.


Is there TRANSPARENCY in the process?

What I mean exactly is, are you shown how they are making their money? Is there a final cost breakdown? Is it laid out in detail, the cost of the materials, the subcontractors and then their cut? Or is it hidden in there and you don’t know how/what they’re making?

Did the subcontractors get a walk through of the home themselves? Or did they bid for the subcontractors? Was there more than one bid?

Is there a “final” number, that they know they can not exceed? They shouldn’t exceed their bid anyway, that is UNLESS you change something, changes always have a cost especially if they’ve already been completed because you have to undo that part and then redo it.

This is why it’s important to choose the right company from the get-go.

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