Questions on Wood Flooring?

Finished or Unfinished? Solid or Engineered? What type of wood floor should you choose?

A wood floor is WONDERFUL, with the feel, the look, what you can do and the difference it can make. But what should you choose? A factory finished, engineered wood? Or an unfinished solid wood that a company takes care of for you? Here’s some info to help you out.
Finished or unfinished wood floors, that is the question. My honest opinion? If it’s a new build, or long-term, go with unfinished that is finished on site by a professional contractor. This is especially true if you need to match other flooring, which is easy to do with unfinished wood when you’re mixing the stain to go with what you already have in place.
Plus another benefit is if you’re looking for something unique, unfinished wood will typically give you more options on size, shape and color. It’s universally accepted in the flooring industry that this will give you the best look. Those pre-finished planks could be useful for a quick fixup in a laundry room or similar, but not something you’d want in your new construction or a renovation.
Solid or Engineered. Same thing applies here. Engineered could be cheaper, quicker and easier (so possibly good for a DIY project), but once it wears out, that’s it. Now, if you’ve investing in your home… this saying comes to my mind. “Good, Cheap or Fast, you can pick only two (and good & fast aren’t an option).” Solid wood, professionally finished, makes an incredible statement and a real wood floor is great for its investment value as well. There are benefits to engineered wood but that’s a discussion you should have with your installer.
Ok, so what about the types of woods that are available?
There’s Ash, Bamboo, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Oak, Pine, Walnut, Exotics… and many more. Even Bob Vila said that for your home “the second most important choice [aside from your kitchen] is flooring”.
You’ll want to look at the type of use it’s getting. Is it a high traffic area? Then make sure to go with a hard wood. Oak is a very common hard wood and Brazilian even harder. Pine is lighter in color and softer.
Are you having it finished? How will that stain and wood combination look? Do you want a traditional look or modern color? I’ve seen cherry with a mahogany stain that had a unique look you wouldn’t have been able to picture beforehand. Just the wood and stain combination alone will make you dizzy with possibilities. So what do you do?
SOLUTION: A seasoned professional with a lot of remodeling experience can guide you through this whole process.
Why try to be researcher, planner, budgeter, designer, buyer, installer and manager all on your own? Look online, check out the reviews, view a few websites and get on the phone to speak with a professional. We do this day in and day out so have all the ideas you want and answers you need to make the best decision, all we need is a little guidance from you.
Have a question? Pick up the phone and give us a call because this is what we do, this is what we love, let us lend a hand and help out.


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