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"I received excellent service from Remodleuxe, and they were priced fairly, too. They even completed the job on time, which is rare with remodeling contractors. I would highly recommend them to anyone considering hiring them."

- Deb En

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"I hired Remodeluxe for my kitchen remodel last Summer. It turned out exactly how I wanted. They even suggested some design changes and I'm glad I took their advice. I will definitely hire them again!"

- Hosham K.

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"Solid, honest pro's with great service! Their ideas are inspiring and has taken our project to a new level."

- Edward Winslow

101 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas in Dallas, Texas

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A Kitchen Remodel is a huge project that can recreate your Dallas home, and we’re here to help.

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What are the newest trends in Dallas, Texas? How can I get more space? What are my kitchen cabinet options? How much are granite countertops? What about flooring?

As an established contractor with years of experience with kitchens, we can help you with answers.

Do you have a clear picture of what your new kitchen will look like? Or are you starting from scratch and need help? Picture the heart of your home with a new look, new layout, a whole new feel. Excited to get started? At Remodeluxe, we can turn your dreams into a reality.

woman cooking in new kitchenBecause your kitchen is often the #1 “value add” to your home, it absolutely must be QUALITY through and through. When we take a job, that’s a top priority for us, because big or small, expensive or budgeted, our work as your contractor must be top notch. Your new kitchen will be in constant use, and it’s got to stand up. This is something we take seriously and strive to keep you happy.

TIME is a vital piece of any renovation project. You don’t want to rush but with an entire kitchen it can take a while. We do our best to keep things clean and meet your expectations. The key here is communication and management. We like to stay keep you informed during the whole process, before and during so things run smoothly.

COST is important in any project but especially with kitchens. A beautiful kitchen that’s properly designed can help sell your home quicker or allow you to enjoy it for years to come. So if you’re going to invest, this is one of the best places to do it. However, we like to offer an outstanding job at a fair price. Our reputation is at stake, so we like to go over everything with you. You have a lot of options, we’ll cover them all, offer you choices and then put it all in writing.

womain in her dream bathtubIDEAS. Boy, where to start with ideas? There are so many options for you it helps if you have a vision or picture to work from. But we can start from scratch as well. With all the different choices in your kitchen, and all the different areas, we can get very creative. Remember, keep your goals in mind. Are you looking for more space? Entertaining for parties? A chef’s kitchen? Or an intimate family hearth? All these things will come together in a way that will be sure to “wow” you when we’re finished.

One important point we’d like to mention is we’re a LOCAL Dallas, Texas company. We are proud to be a part of our outstanding community. The trust you place in us will never be taken for granted, this is how we get so many referrals from your neighbors. We enjoy helping to build a better town, one kitchen at a time.

So whatever your vision is, updated lighting, custom kitchen cabinets, granite countertops, hardwood flooring… we can help. From just one small change to an entire makeover, we are glad to help you out at every step along the way. All you have to do is ask.


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