Adding a Deck to your homes exterior?

3 Tricks to know when adding a deck to your home.

Renovating the exterior of your home can be tricky. Mainly because it opens up a WHOLE new can o’ worms when it comes to the type of companies (notice, I did not say “licensed contractors”) who are jumping at the chance to do the job. Landscapers, handymen, all sorts of people who are simple looking for summer work. Here’s what you really need to know that can help make the whole process go smoothly.

1-LEARN what your options are. Or simply said, “plan, plan, plan.” This can take a lot of work IF you’re doing this on your own. You’ve got to know about your decking options (wood, treated wood, trex, trexpro, etc). You need to consider railings (& know the local codes that go along with them to protect yourself from a lawsuit). Rails? Ramps? Firepits? Lighting? Sound? It can take a while…

OR you could take the easier route with a simple phone call, because a professional exterior contractor who’s experienced in decks can GUIDE you through all of your options. Want a simple makeover? No problem. Want a little protection from the elements? Then consider a Pergola. Want an outdoor oasis and to be the envy of every other backyard barbeque in town? No problem.

2-The next trick to weed out any potential problems is to check out the REVIEWS. Google is wonderful when it comes to leveraging the general population of our beautiful city to guide you. Read them, look at the number of reviews and look at the overall score. By only considering the top people here, you’ll weed out 80% of the amateurs.

Another place to look to see how a company handles itself, is their website. How do they present themselves? Are they clear and concise? Do they seem transparent? Are there videos to guide you along with plenty of information? If you find someone that looks good and can guide you through the process it’s time for the final step.  

3-INTERVIEW them. This is a simple call to the business to see what they’ve done. Check out how they answer (or return) your calls. Are they helpful? Will they plainly explain pricing? Help you with planning? Do they know what the local codes are? Are they professional and seem personable and honest?

Adding on an outside deck, or even a porch or sunroom, can be a wonderful addition to the exterior of your home. The transformation to your home’s appearance, value and family time can be incredible. But only if you’re working with a professional that you feel is a good match for you. So take your time and follow these tips and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Want our advice? Pick up the phone and give us a call if you have any questions because we’d love to help. Exterior Home Renovations are one of the things that we do best.


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